From exacting eccentricity in Milan to architectural forms in Tokyo, to razor-sharp minimalism in New York... While Paris stands out with its careful nonchalance, all the great fashion capitals have their own strong identity when it comes to style. We’ve compiled a summary of the looks to adopt for an ultra-fashionable city break. 

Milan : Glamour overload




While Paris plays the card of androgyny and sleek, casual vibes, Milanese fashion, on the other hand, cultivates a vision of unbridled femininity, imbued with a sense of freedom and exuberance. Baroque influences meet confident sensuality in the looks of Milan's fashionistas, with creative combinations of materials, prints and statement accessories that are guaranteed to turn heads.  

Get the look: a silk midi skirt, an oversized shirt under a cashmere coat, a pair of vertiginous heels, and XXL sunglasses by Gucci.

Tokyo : Streetwear experimental




Propelled to the forefront of the international fashion scene in the 1980s, Tokyo continues to make its mark as the creative laboratory of ultra-sharp urban fashion. Technical fabrics, functional pieces, structured cuts and avant-garde style are the cornerstones of a trend-setting streetwear fashion that is constantly reinventing itself.  

Get the look: a monochrome black look that plays with volume and shape, finished off with these futuristic Burberry boots. 




New York: Casual couture  




While it's difficult to identify a typical New York style, since the city is known for its diverse, eclectic feel, the wardrobes of its most discerning fashionistas offer a clever mix & match between casual and sophisticated pieces.  

Get the look: working girl by day, blazer over the shoulders, coffee in hand and Balenciaga sneakers on the feet. 

Sexy chic by night, with a black silk dress, Alexander Wang rhinestone sandals and By Far mini-bag under your arm. 


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