Future is female

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same"

We wonder if Coco Chanel would still feel the same way after the year we've just had.

Clearly we all remember the 70s-inspired long floral dresses trend back in the early 2010s, closely followed by the signature 90s look of crop tops, wide-leg jeans and chunky oversized trainers. Late 2019 saw disco make a comeback, with flared trousers, platform shoes and fitted waists, as well as the classic working girl suit, with its new take on shoulder pads.

Throughout this rapid succession of trends, we've often found ourselves wondering: fast forward to ten years’ time, how will women dress?

We’re taking our cue from Dua Lipa, and her album title Future Nostalgia, which seems as good a way as any to sum up the fashion of the last ten years. We’ve seen sneakers from our adolescence, oversized blazers with old-skool square shoulders, and trousers in multiple styles - a far cry from the low-rise slim-fit jeans of the 2000s. All these styles have helped to build the aesthetic of the woman of today.

So what will women be wearing in 2030? All signs point towards an androgynous figure. An evolving masculine-feminine look that’s conducive to female empowerment. Where clothing acts as armour against societal stereotypes; a sartorial response to the gender divide. In 2030, gendered fashion will no longer be relevant.