Ready to give your outfits an ethical touch? Nowadays, sustainable consumption is the look we all want and need.So, what is Conscious fashion according to Monnier Frères?

To obtain a green label, a product must contain at least 50% sustainable materials, such as recycled plastic, wood, recycled polyester or synthetic leather.

By choosing to purchase Conscious items and brands, you are helping to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Wherever possible, Monnier Frères strives to work with sustainable brands that take ethics and the environment into account when creating their products.

Our Conscious selection




Laura Lombardi, a New York brand that offers pieces based on a principle of sustainability. Each product is made from recycled materials, including old items and brass. What's more, all plating is done in a closed zero-waste filtration system, and the pieces are handcrafted in the studio wherever possible.




Themoirè is an Italian brand created in Milan with a focus on achieving the least environmental impact. All the materials used to create their products come from repurposed recycling or upcycling. Furthermore, Themoirè is committed to combating deforestation by using part of its profits to plant trees; so far the brand has planted 6,872 trees - a forest's worth!



Veja is a brand offering super-stylish sneakers that successfully combine fashion and sustainability, with the first pair of 100% vegan shoes. VEJA sneakers are produced in Brazil in workshops whose working conditions respect workers' social rights. The materials used are also responsibly sourced: for 15 years now, VEJA has been committed to supporting farmers' associations in Brazil and paying them prices that are independent from the trading rooms.




Stella McCartney is a benchmark in the sustainable fashion industry, and one of the very first brands to adopt an ethical approach. Since 2001, it has offered products free from leather, feathers, fur or any material derived from animals. All materials are recycled and reused, and raw materials such as cotton come from small local producers.




Arizona Love is a young French brand selling colourful sandals and accessories. As well as their style credentials, they are 100% ecological too, with soles created from recycled bottles and scarves in vintage cotton to minimise their environmental footprint. What's more, their “Trekky” sandals are individually handcrafted and each pair is an exclusive edition.