Last Fashion Week, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Isabel Marant treated us to a daring and vibrant show; a much-needed breath of fresh air and a chance to momentarily forget the situation we’re currently in. Without a doubt, Isabel Marant's strength is her amazing ability to take us on a journey, a stylistic and idyllic escape that almost disconnects us from the everyday world.

For the Autumn/Winter 2020 season, the Parisian designer whisks us away on a dreamlike getaway, with minimalist, oversized pieces and very neutral tones reminiscent of North African tales.

Prepare your trip:

This AW20 collection gives us the opportunity to create our own journey. In these uncertain times, organising trips to far-flung places hardly seems the best idea.

We take a look at how to embrace the Marant style and take a stylistic journey instead.

• Jewellery is mixed and matched to add a touch of exotic chic to your favourite jeans

• Leather and studded shoulder bags can be worn over a large denim jacket for a fashionable take on the Far West style.

• Neo-Western ankle boots are teamed with floaty trousers and a blouse with structured shoulder.

• And Western buckle belts can be slipped through any jeans, for all the laid-back elegance you need.