What would Paris be without its boulangeries on every street corner? Can anyone resist the call of a warm baguette or crisp patisserie?

We’ve rounded up the best bakeries in Paris in our Monnier Guide, perfect for Parisians or even just occasional visitors to the capital. The Monnier Team has been diligently working on its own rating scale (the safest way), to give you the inside info on where to get your gluten fix.

1. Stohrer, 51 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris


Founded in 1730, Stohrer is the oldest bakery in Paris. A true bread legend and pastry phenomenon, let yourself be tempted by traditional French recipes, modernised by chef Jeffrey Cagnes.

2. Circus Bakery, 6 rue Galande Paris 75005


It's showtime. Nestled in Paris's Rue Galande, Circus Bakery transports us to the tourists’ vision of Paris, with its traditional wooden storefront. Watch pastries being made in front of your very eyes and breathe in the scent of warm cakes fresh from the oven.

A little bird told me that our Trade Marketing Manager has a particular soft spot for their cinnamon rolls, packed with sugar and cinnamon.

3. Les Saveurs de Pierre Demours, 13 Rue Pierre Demours, 75017 Paris


Head to the boulangerie of Taieb Sahal, the artisan baker who recently won the prize for 2020’s Best Baguette. It’s the perfect opportunity to taste the official baguette of the Elysée Palace, the very one enjoyed by the French President every morning!

4. Gontran Cherrier, Rue Gaulaincourt (18th arrondissement)


Check out the bakeries of this prize-winning artisan baker for a unique tasting event: a special baguette and pastries so delicious that they have garnered him worldwide fame. In addition to his four Parisian stores, Gontran Cherrier's baguette has crossed land and sea, with bakeries in Asia, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

5. Benoit Castel, 11 Rue Sorbier (20th arrondissement)


For die-hard pastry fans who dare to venture to the 20th arrondissement (aka the best arrondissement in Paris), pop in and say hello to Benoît Castel from us. Take the opportunity to taste his traditional pastries and breads with a modern twist. The best bit? Hélène Daroze's former pastry chef offers a warm welcome in a traditional setting.