2020 trends still in the bag for 2021

The new year is fast approaching... and not a moment too soon. It might seem hard to believe, but 2020 was a bit of a hit when it comes to fashion trends. So, you see, not everything from this year needs to be banished from our minds! Here are the trends that will be joining us as we eagerly ring in the new year!

SNEAKERS IN STYLE - If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that you have to be flexible in all circumstances: a zoom meeting at 3pm and the hairdresser's at 4.30, before grabbing a few bits at the supermarket and catching the last bus home for (yet another) night in. Our go-to for all of the above? Trainers of course! Wear them with an oversized blazer and high-waisted jeans in the day for a chic working-girl vibe, then team them with a mini dress for zoom drinks with friends.

NEVER WITHOUT MY BAGUETTE BAG - Make sure you have yours tucked under your arm before making the leap into 2021. This practical piece comes in several designs that everyone can enjoy. The added bonus? It holds all the essentials you need: perfume, keys, lipstick, tube ticket, the business card for the amazing restaurant you tried before lockdown, mask and sanitiser gel, as well as all the happy memories from this year - there's been one or two after all!

SLIP ON YOUR MULES - They won't be confined to the closet! Mules have become a wardrobe staple, and we're always ready to slip them on at the slightest hint of sunshine. The added bonus? They go with pretty much anything, whether linen trousers, a jumpsuit, a long, floaty dress or a preppy linen number.

COWBOY IN THE CITY - Surely you didn't think we'd be leaving the neo-cowboy boot trend back in 2020? What was probably the year’s most surprising trend has, despite a bumpy start, become pretty indispensable. In summer and winter alike, cowboy boots are a welcome addition to any outfit, bringing an edgy, confident side that we are definitely here for.

COLOUR ON THE BLOCK - This year has been a colourful one - and not just in the news. In our hands, on our feet, under our arms and on our nose, colour was a highlight in winter and summer alike. We’re carrying with us that little bit of colour that brightened up even the most gloomy of days and made our boring loungewear almost avant-garde.

MINI IS KEY - The smaller the accessory… the better. Not only does it limit us to carrying the bare essentials, it also makes everyday life ten times easier. They can be carried everywhere: to the supermarket, on a walk, at the gym, at work, in the evening… The list is endless, so you can never go wrong!