Let she who has never swooned over an influencer wearing square-toed shoes and a 90s baguette bag cast the first stone.  And if you've just thrown a stone at us through your screen, it means you've somehow missed out on the Bulgarian label that has saturated Instagram’s infinite scroll. Let's bring you up to speed.  

The key to By Far's success? Going viral on Instagram, with all the biggest models, stars and influencers stepping out in its style. There’s no doubt, By Far has quickly become coveted across the fashion scene.  

The low-down on the looks that have made By Far a hit. 

Bella Hadid: the throwback (See here)

Bella Hadid offers inspiration with the Baby Ambernoir bag styled to its most vintage effect.  

With a focus on the classic, versatile side of the bag, the overall look has a resolutely '90s kid feel, featuring the famous crop top and high waisted palazzo pants.  

To counterbalance the street vibe of the look, you can add a Saharan jacket belted at the waist or a loose-fitting wool over-shirt.

Hailey Baldwin: the original (See here)

Hailey Baldwin, meanwhile, brings us a stylish combo of accessories and colours that can easily be tailored to your autumn wardrobe. The Linda Boots in yellow leather offer a joyous touch of colour this season. The buttery yellow goes perfectly with shades of grey and beige. It will highlight the most beautiful of cerulean blues and all variations of brown.  

 Whatever the colour, the Linda boots will add an original twist to your outfits. Their asymmetrical heel and square toe will bring any pair of trousers bang up to date, including simple boyfriend jeans, and even the knitted culotte skirt for very cold days. 

Irina Shayk: the minimalist (See here)

Irina Shayk's take on the By Far style has a distinctly minimalist feel. The mini dress/mini bag combo is a look we can all embrace. While the addition of a tight knit sweater brings a fabulously '70s Jeanne Birkin vibe. Inspired by Irina Shayk, the look can be updated with chunky-soled ankle boots, worn with opaque tights. 

The main thing to remember is that By Far is THE brand of the moment, offering endless ways to have fun with the pieces’ colours and style. The key is to know how to use each piece creatively, to add interest and character to our favourite looks.