Jewelry Vanessa Seward

Vanessa Seward jewellery


Vanessa Seward's ready-to-wear creations are tinged with a hint of a seventies vibe, just like her accessories. Vanessa Seward jewellery is in fact borrowed from this somewhat hippie carelessness, iconic of the young women of the 70s. The necklaces and earrings adorned with long fringes and the voluminous cuffs with enamel rings make us travel in time. Like the fashion designer's clothes, Vanessa Seward jewellery is aimed at active women, lovers of freedom.


Vanessa Seward accessories and jewellery


Rings, necklaces, hair clips as well as bracelets and earrings, Vanessa Seward jewellery models are quite varied. The fashion designer leaves no accessory behind, for the delight of her customers who can create their look and complement it as they please. Also discover the selections of Vanessa Seward bags and Vanessa Seward scarves on the MONNIER Frères website.