Billy L Bubbled Lambskin Bag

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The Billy L bag is a model of ingenuity: in hand or on the shoulder, generously sized and ultra-flexible, a small lamp is integrated to see the bottom of your bag as well as a key chain and zipped pocket on the inside and outside .

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Jérôme Dreyfuss

Jérôme Dreyfuss created his brand in 1998. His quirky originality, style and boldness make him "the unruly child of French fashion." His success was immediate and beyond the scope of our simple borders. In 2002 he developed the line of bags "Roots de luxe". True to his mischievous reputation the bags are given male names. The Dreyfuss woman holds a true companion her arms. The materials are soft, the colours are subtle and there's much attention to detail. They become necessary items for all fashion followers. Practical and extremely flexible, the Jérôme Dreyfuss bags are the stylish and functional partner for the active urban woman. In 2006, he invented a couture concept respectful of the environment: agricouture. The brand image is greatly enhanced making the brand a guarantee of quality and skilled craftsmanship.From a very early age Jérôme Dreyfuss was passionate for the fashion world. At 18 years old, he became assistant to John Galliano. Soon after, he became a consultant for Elite modeling agency. In 1998, he presented his first collection to the public, "Couture à porter" as he likes to call it. Success was not long in coming. The media nicknamed him "The new Jean Paul Gaultier" and he was awarded the Great Future designer was awarded. He also got a scholarship to continue his work of which will be exhibited at the Musée de la Mode in Paris. In 1999, Michael Jackson called upon the designer to make promotional suits for his album. The success of his brand was dazzling. In 2002, Jérôme Dreyfuss was fully dedicated to the creation of accessories. The Robert, Billy and even Momo models have become true must-haves."From Glastonbury to Coachella, the Isle of Wight to Woodstock, the festival atmosphere and the 70s are revived the legendary rock and hippie spirit. Customized, the totes, bucket bags and purses are adorned with fringe and rivets, braided rings and studs. The round and soft lines of the leathers call for flexibility and comfort. The lagoon green, blue stone, cream and cattle print invite us on a journey where Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin play the soundtrack. This season, Jérôme Dreyfuss creates two exclusive editions of the Jean-Paul and the Bobi, staged with Aurélie Dupont in an advertising campaign photographed by Jean-Paul Goude."