Accessories Anya Hindmarch

Accessories Anya Hindmarch


Colourful and festive, Anya Hindmarch accessories are renowned worldwide for their playful side. Derived from the handbags of the British fashion designer, they encapsulate all the humour contained in her collections inspired by everyday life and pop culture. Established in 1987, the Anya Hindmarch brand made its mark in the microcosm that is London fashion. In 2012, its founder became the first accessories designer to organize a fashion show.


Anya Hindmarch wallets and accessories


Stickers, wallets, clutches or even keychains ... Anya Hindmarch accessories are as numerous as they are varied. Each season, the designer recreates her quirky vision on these small pieces that can sometimes be even more fun than her luxury handbags; Laundry bags or biscuits, glitter clutches decorated with a smileys or stickers, Anya Hindmarch accessories are recognizable at a glance. Also see Anya Hindmarch bags on the MONNIER Frères website.

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