Accessories Maison Michel

Accessories Maison Michel


Founded in 1936, the Maison Michel brand has rapidly gained a reputation in the world of fashion. Acquired about sixty years later by Paraffection, Chanel's subsidiary, which tends to preserve the arts, the Parisian fashion house is now more popular than ever. The reason? The Maison Michel accessories, ranging from hats to caps and even berets. Under the leadership of Laetitia Crahay, then Priscilla Royer, the milliner becomes more fun, more irreverent. Maison Michel's accessories ranges from fedoras and canotiers to flower headbands or lace head pieces.


Maison Michel hats and accessories


Charles, Henrietta, Kiki, Virginia or Blanche. Do these names ring a bell? They make up the flagship models of Maison Michel accessories. Proud of its headwear works accessible to all, the Parisian fashion house also continues to provide the biggest names of haute couture, while offering tailored services to its privileged customers. But Maison Michel accessories also extend to "coquetteries" as they are called, head and hair jewellery, much less formal than Capelines and other Trilbies.

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