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 Acne Studios bags combine minimalism and originality, two qualities inherent to the brand founded by Jonny Johansson in 1996. Recognized for its sleek designs, the Swedish brand, which launched its handbag line in 2015, has continued to constantly innovate. Acne Studios bags feature flowing lines complimented by well thought-out details such as curls, strings or contrasting materials.

Acne Studios bags and accessories

The Buckle Jeans, Hero Jeans (inspired by denim) and Rope (adorned with a rope) are the first Acne Studios bags to have emerged in December 2015. The Swedish brand quickly expanded its range to other models such as the Musubi, which recalls an obi and the Bertha, a hand-held bucket bag. Like the rest of the brand's products, Acne Studios bags come in soft colours, perfectly completing the ready-to-wear lines and accessories. Also discover Acne Studios scarves and Acne Studios shoes on the MONNIER Frères website.
  • Acne Studios Musubi Milli Bag In Brown Calfskin

    USD $650
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