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Quirky but always chic, Anya Hindmarch bags are foremost known for their British style. For the fashion designer, a collection is created with creativity and humour above all. Anya Hindmarch stamps a large part of her collections with the brand's iconic smiley. Meticulous finishes and quality bags: Anya Hindmarch creations have everything to please, like the Vere Barrel Victory bag, whose shoulder strap is presented with playful patches. Among the most famous Anya Hindmarch bags, are the Bathurst, Ebury, Ephson bags, or even the Kit Kat clutch, whose originality does not go unnoticed.


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Luxurious, Anya Hindmarch bags are recognizable by their imagination. With pop and original colors, these bags energize every outfit, and give a fresh touch to a classic look. Designer of the "I'm not a plastic bag", Anya Hindmarch uses only quality materials to achieve bags of excellence. Also see Anya Hindmarch accessories, such as wallets or key rings.



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