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Maison Margiela bags


In 1988, the Belgian Martin Margiela created a French fashion house to which he gives his name: it was the birth of "Maison Margiela". Strong since the beginning, the brand continued to evolve until the nomination in 2014 of John Galliano as artistic director. Both with leather goods and jewelry, the Maison Margiela brand focus on blurring traits by being both masculine and feminine, mixing references and universes with envy, between futurism and poetry to give your outfits a touch originality.


Maison Margiela bag collection


The collection of Margiela bags to discover on MONNIER Frères honours the radical universe of the Maison Margiela brand. From the 5AC Camera Bag 2 in 1 model to the urban and elegant Runaway backpack, Margiela pieces are of high quality, with luxurious finishes. No leather good detail is left to chance to ensure quality down to the smallest of details. To better immerse yourself in the universe, you can also discover Maison Margiela jewelry, belts and sunglasses.

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