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With a clearly Parisian style and delicate details, Repetto bags spread the brand's codes. Recognized for its famous shoes, Repetto also designs various collections of bags, in elegant lines. The Arabesque collection, classic and feminine, is simply enhanced by a fine and elegant bow, like the one from the iconic ballerinas. In a large size, medium or bucket bag, it complements every outfit with a graceful touch.


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More colourful, the Adage bag is recognizable by its sleek lines and coloured geometric shapes. A Repetto bag, elegant and graphic, is magnified by its timeless shape. In a more generous size, the Coppelia bag consists of a removable pouch as well as a fine and elegant handle. Always worked in noble leather, Repetto bags brings a lightness to every outfit. Also discover the various other accessories from the brand, like Repetto shoes.


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