Bags Stella McCartney

Bags Stella McCartney

Ambassador of committed and ecological fashion, Stella McCartney imposes fresh, glamorous and laid-back style. The Monnier Frères selection of Stella Mc Cartney bags illustrates the rich collection of handbags including the iconic Falabella line designed in eco leather and presented in models with three chains, as a backpack or a clutch bag. The Beckett and Noma complete the range of bags.

  • Stella McCartney Bum Bag In Black Patent Alter Nappa

    USD $650
  • Stella McCartney 3 Chain Shaggy Deer Falabella Bag In Navy Synthetic Material

    USD $974
  • Stella McCartney 3 Chains Falabella Tote In Clotted Cream Eco Leather

    USD $975
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