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The Gérard Darel brand made its name in the early 2000s with the 24h bag. It comes in a range of materials and colours and truly is the brand’s flagship piece. This it-bag is a veritable icon of Maison Gérard Darel, an absolute incarnation of Parisian style, and was recently given a reboot as the 24 GD. Gérard Darel bags are timeless thanks to the use of noble and innovative materials: full-grain calfskin leather, knitted wools, raffia, or python. The Saxo bag, made of suede, comes in a range of warm tones. The style is utterly urban with pompoms and multiple pockets. The Lee bag, worn on the shoulder for a contemporary look, has a look key and minimalist asthetic. Its geometric lines give a clean, timeless feel.


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Gérard Darel bags are utterly feminine and of the highest quality, they work well with casual and sophisticated looks. The Simple bag 2 or the 24 GD add a touch of the sublime to your style. Gérard Darel does a wide range of handbags, and also has a line of wallets that should not be missed.


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