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Recallineng Anya's passion for customization, Stickers take center stage! To stick on your favorite bag or tablet cover for customization: fun, playful and luxurious.

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Anya Hindmarch

Everything began at the age of 19, when Anya’s trips to Italy and her passion for leather inspired her to create her first handbag. It has indeed been a long way since her first store opening in London, to the business that makes up the company today. Her beginnings are already promising since she is being noticed and adored by many celebrities. Quickly, the development of the brand takes off. Her clients include Margaret Tatcher and even Princess Diana. The brand is known for the use and appreciation of quality materials, and its desire to provide excellent products. Anya Hindmarch wishes to preserve craftsmanship as well as keeping a personal touch on all her pieces. With a presence in 9 countries and 50 stores, the brand continues to grow and strives to reach fashion’s highest levels.After growing up in England, Anya Hindmarch settles in Florence, Italy, to learn the language. There, she discovers a passion for craftsmanship and beautiful materials, and returns to her home country to open her first accessories store inspired by her stay in Italy. Success comes fast, and soon the brand grows worldwide. With the help of her husband James Seymour, who acts as the business’ chief financial officer, she manages the brand as well as the creative duties. While Anya Hindmarch is known in the fashion industry for her creativity and her talent, she is famous for the many causes she is passionate about. She specifically fights for the protection of the environment, and in 2007 creates the ecological bag names “I’m not a plastic Bag”. At the same time, she partners with British Airways for 11 years to design First Class bags, as well as with Selfridges; Vanity Fair and Barbour. In 2009, Anya becomes part of the Order of the British Empire and takes the position of administrator at the Design Museum, and the Royal Academy of Arts. Anya Hindmarch receives many awards, including the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award in 2012.Entitled "Apophenia", the Spring-Summer 2016 collection of Anya Hindmarch is a reflection on the motifs and abstraction. True to its beautification of everyday philosophy, the British designer has reworked the motifs and logos that surround by using various techniques, resulting in unedited motifs, some with the sporty spirit of the 80s and others geometric. Carrefour, John Lewis and even Boots are thus at the heart of this playful collection. The Ephson line is expanding, the doctor bag is available in a mini format and the shoulder bag was born. The Ebury Featherweight bag is now also available in double-worn vertical version.