BO Dreamcatcher 3 FEATHERS O

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Taking their inspiration from a dreamcatcher, these earrings are prime examples of the DNA of GAS. They are 24 carat plated gold, decorated with a mix of feathers that dress the neck with elegance. Light and easy to wear, they exude femininity and originality.

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Gas Bijoux

As a fresh graduate from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris and with a major in printmaking, André walked on the beaches of Saint-Tropez to sell his hippie-inspired designs. This was in the late 60s, when the Gas story began. In 1971, the first store opened in sunny St. Tropez and his family’s home in Marseille became André Gas’ workshop which employs more than 60 artisans today. The success of the brand quickly escalated, and stores began opening in Paris, Marseille, Milan and New-York. In 2011, the brand was established amongst the most prestigious Haute Jewellery brands, such as Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels, and awarded with the Living Heritage Company title – a label that was created in 2006 to distinguish the excellence of traditional skills. This celebrated the brand’s 40 years of success and unique crafstmanship, especially the many techniques used to design its novel jewellery: engraving, manual polishing, enameling, jewellery embroidering… Gas Bijoux is also very involved in meaningful causes, and regularly engages in charitative actions along with the Red Cross and the AMFAR by designing limited editions of its jewellery.As a passionate and adventurous artist, André Gas draws his inspiration from the many countries he explores. Fond of bright colors and hues, he loves to discover Mexico and India, which provide him with many fantasist ideas. From his travels, he brings back extravagant production techniques that aren’t widely used withing the classical jewellery industry. Considering himelf an artisan before an entrepreneur, André Gas favors creativity and "Haute Fantasy"; the alliance of novel jewellery and luxurious craftmanship. Today, the work is done within the family: CEO Olivier Gas is in charge of the brand’s development while Mary is the brand’s creative director. Her delicacy and contemporary vision allow her to constantly reinvent Gas designs.Spring-summer 2015 is all about travelling, a theme dear to the Gas Bijoux house, exploring new horizons, taking care use defying materials in a quest for grace and harmony. Attached to a handmade aesthetic, the house composes a mythology of beauty, a real metamorphosis in which the woman is illuminated, and tropicalized, recharged by joining forces with nature. Meeting minerals, vegetables and animals, seed beads, 24 carat gold, feathers, snake skins, stingray and alligator as well as silver, the spring-summer collection 2015 played on the variation of materials to create a woman’s world, colourful, versatile and simple. Unique, sometimes nomadic and precious. An echo of nature in perpetual motion, a tropical universe of inspiration; like a bird of paradise, it is adorned with pheasant feathers, natural or multi-coloured. Heavenly and earthly, enriched with seed beads and semi-precious stones, women are transformed into sublime Aztec goddesses. Tribal, telluric, navigating between secular and sacred. The original woman, goddess of travel, colourful, poeticised and dressed in linen, leather, stones and beaded gold. This universal woman is not merely the result of exploring, but the child of a dream. A combination of luxury and modernity, the natural and the wonderful.