COACH a recognizable signature among a thousand
Legendary design Launched in the 2000s, the Signature monogram quickly came to represent the Coach brand.
A journey into the past It’s been off the market for a few seasons but made a big comeback in March, when it featured on a number of the brand’s iconic pieces.
An on-trend look The logo is more on trend now than it has ever been. The key to great style, wear it the way you wish.
Coach’s original Signature logo print, created in cool khaki shades, first debuted in early 2001 and has been an important part of Coach’s heritage for almost two decades. For 2018, Stuart Vevers has given the Signature logo print a richer feel, using a warm tan palette that complements the burnished cognac-colored leather.

The logo within the pattern is also lighter and slightly smaller than the original print which was inspired by the font of the original Coach word mark logo. This Spring, Stuart Vevers gives the motif a reboot which makes it all the more special. Nearly every piece in the collection from the Riley, to the Parker Top Handle and the Charlie Carryall come with the updated Signature..
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