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For the Charlotte Simone Fall/Winter 2018 collection, Charlotte Beecham is still shining with her classics and adding some new creations to her line. The iconic Popsicle scarf, introduced in the first season, the frothy Shaggy, the fluffy Snugglez and the psychedelic Lacey scarves are available again this year. A both stylish and warm line.


In 2011, as she graduated from New York University, Charlotte Simone Beecham founded the Charlotte Simone brand. This English literature graduate and aspiring journalist was shopping one day in the "Garment District" with a girlfriend who had just graduated from the Parsons School of Design. One thing leading to another, she found herself with a bag full of prototypes that she presented to department stores. The first store to sell her creations was Neiman Marcus. Her brand’s ambition is simple: reinvent the scarf as some designers have done with other basic wardrobe pieces. And Charlotte Beecham chose to use fake or real fur and knit to do so.


As Charlotte Beecham was walking in the streets of Paris where she was a student, she had the idea that would soon become a successful business. The young British, who was studying in New York at the time, saw a woman wearing a large scarf. She then imagined making the scarf a functional fashion accessory. As she returned to the United States, she had some prototypes made and managed to sell them in a few stores before graduating. Since then, the young woman lives between London and New York.


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