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We no longer need to introduce the Ark, Cult Gaia’s iconic bag. This small architectural bamboo bag (also edited in colored acrylic) seduced Instagrammers throughout the world before being adopted by the trendiest fashionistas. Building on her success, designer Jasmin Larian then imagined Lilleth, another modern and ultra-chic origami that has finally confirmed the Californian brand’s success.


The Cult Gaia brand story began in 2012. At the time, the American designer Jasmin Larian was just out of school and had come up with her first handbag the Ark. Her idea was to create a portable piece of art, a bag that says something, that dazzles, while remaining eco-friendly and made in Los Angeles. The bag was so impressive it took a while to catch on. With the help of a few influential bloggers, the Ark eventually became the it-bag we know and love today. The brand’s success led Jasmin Larian to develop a jewellery range before moving into ready-to-wear in 2017.


The American designer Jasmin Larian was surrounded by fashion growing up. With a fashion designer mother and a toy designer father, who actually designed the Bratz dolls, the young Californian took the plunge on graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, in 2012. Her hobby of making flower crowns for friends and family turned into a business that exported around the world. With the more recent launches of her Stella, Luna and Lilleth bags, she is sure to be around for years to come. 


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