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For the 2018 Fall-Winter season, Ginette NY has ventured down many different paths, each more stunning than the next. As per usual, the American brand was first inspired by the most elegant rocks, which formed the Black Diamond collection. This extremely chic series is a twist on the brand’s more classical pieces, as the name indicates. There is something for everyone, as the simpler collection Lonely Diamond guarantees class and grace, with single diamonds serving as the centerpieces of earrings and necklaces.

But Ginette NY is also all about gold, turning the most beautiful and minimalist shapes into rays of sun. The Gingko collection celebrates nature’s radiance with vines and branches sparkling from every angle. The brand’s inspiration for this collection is longevity and love, values that we wish to hold dear to our hearts. And why not around our necks? Last but not least, the more graphic shoppers will fall in love with the Art Deco collection whose modern yet retro pieces will be sure to brighten up every look.


Frédérique Dessemond founded the Ginette NY brand in 2002. At the time, this Marseillaise who immigrated to the United States, worked on vintage bags. One day, a friend who was in charge of a selection of jewelry for a store in New York asked her to create some pieces. In October 2002, the first design, a medal to be engraved with the client’s name, was made. Seduced by the jewelry, a "W" reporter wrote an article that was then read by a Barney's buyer. Ginette NY’s success had begun. With fine and delicate creations to be worn day-to-day, the jewelry designer entered a still developing segment at the time: high-end costume jewelry. After a few seasons, she added stones to her jewelry, always making sure that they stay in contact with the skin to convey all their benefits.


Now an American citizen, Frédérique Dessemond grew up in Marseille, in the middle of the Cité Radieuse of Le Corbusier. After moving to Paris where she studied art history at the Sorbonne, the young designer moved to New York in 1999. She followed a friend, who was starting her business, intending to gain a foothold while trying her luck in the green card lottery. She was lucky indeed and in 2002 she founded the brand Ginette NY.


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