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Founded in 1876 by Alphonse and Angèle Lancel, the eponymous brand immediately focused on accessories, with a line of accessories for smokers. The label diversified quite rapidly and became a lifestyle reference. The Lancel stores represented a modern style that followed women’s emancipation and their lifestyle evolution with evening accessories, smoking sets and a first line of travel accessories... Since then, the brand has perpetuated the image of chic and ingenious modernity, drawing inspiration from its archives and from the evolution of the world. Between tradition and modernity, the leather specialist Lancel, has bet on timelessness. With Huit, Charlie and Bianca, the brand’s latest flagships, Lancel imagined more than fashion accessories, creating iconic bags to wear more than one season. Designs you can love forever and pass on from one generation to the next..


Like many accessory designers, Nicole Stulman started with ready-to-wear. Working in Paris with Michael Kors, Creative Director at Céline at the time, the American fashion designer soon realized that her interest lied in leatherwork. She then worked in several prestigious fashion houses (Dior, Hermes, Burberry...) before joining Lancel at the end of 2013. Credited for the brand’s revival, the fashion designer did bring in a new spirit, with sleeker handbag and accessory designs, such as Charlie, the label’s first iconic bag.


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