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In 2014 Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt teamed up to found the brand Malone Souliers. Together, the duo revisits classic shoe shapes adding a little twist for original and sometimes eccentric, but always chic, creations. In just a few years, the luxury shoe brand has seduced fashion editors and more or less famous customers (Maria Borges, Emma Roberts...).


First aiming for a horse riding career, Mary Alice Malone, who was part of the junior Olympic riding team, chose to pursue her passion for creation from an early age by specializing in fashion. After briefly studying at a Colorado art school, this Pennsylvania native discovered her love for shoe-making. To improve her skills, she then enrolled at Cordwainers College London, a reference in the industry. After meeting Roy Luwolt, she co-founded the luxury shoe brand Malone Souliers in 2014.


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