Founded in 1976 in Munich, the MCM brand developed with the cultural revival of the 1970s when the German city was seen as the headquarters of global jet set. Famous for its leather trunks since the 1980s, the label whose name meant Michael Cromer München (before being renamed Modern Creation München when it was taken over by the Sunjoo Group in 2005) was initially intended for travelers but quickly extended its activities to luxury handbags, hats, key rings, shoes and even some clothing. Its strengths? A tradition of quality and prestige, based on craftsmanship and codes that are easy to recognize: a monogrammed canvas and a laurel-decorated clasp.


MCM draws its inspiration from historical figures in fashion and technology as well as from contemporary and globalized lifestyles. The city has always been the foundation of the brand’s rebellious and innovative inspiration. Under the leadership of its President Sung-Joo Kim, owner of the Sunjoo Group who possesses the label since 2005, the brand is more than ever at the heart of fashion.


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