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Classic with a twist of modernity, Mizuki jewelry creations are precious and timeless. They are designed around cultured pearls, sometimes natural, sometimes colored, sometimes dipped in a gold bath, mounted on rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The result? Elegant and refined designs that will embellish any look.


Mizuki Goltz founded the Mizuki jewelry brand in 1996. Her creations are delicate and feminine, adorned with cultured pearls from China and its surroundings. Her goal? Present pearls in new, more modern designs, by combining them with leather straps or delicate gold swirls.


Mizuki Goltz was born in Tokyo but she has lived in New York since she was ten years old. After studying sculpture at the School of Visual Arts, the future designer progressively started to make jewelry for her own pleasure. Soon, her designs inspired others, so she eventually launched her jewelry brand in 1996.


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