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Sylvia Toledano founded her eponymous brand in 2008. At the time, the designer began by selling minaudières after noticing a dip in the market while traveling to New York. She differentiated by launching a collaboration with Didier Ludot, then with the Bon Marché. Given her success with accessories, she decided to expand her range to cuffs, a jewel that she has always liked. Once again, it was a hit so she decided to launch a full jewelry line. In 2014, the brand opened its first store in Paris.


Sylvia Toledano was born in Paris and spent most of her childhood in Africa. When she returned to France, she wanted to enter the Beaux-Arts but eventually she completed a Master's degree in Business Law on the advice of her family. After graduating, she worked as an intern at Drouot and discovered a new world that she enjoyed. She then started to paint and to sell some of her paintings. After the birth of her twins, she stopped painting and became a vintage jewelry collector. In 2008, while traveling to New York with her husband, she perceived an opening on the market for a minaudière line. She decided to create handmade accessories entirely mounted with Swarovski crystals.


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