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This season, with the Uncommon Matters jewelry brand Amélie Riech offers a round and curvy line. Bracelets and earrings made of intertwined and entangled circles, all in delicate colors ranging from green-blue to purple. Graphic jewels are more romantic than ever.


Amélie Riech founded the Uncommon Matters jewelry brand in 2008. Her objective? Create things herself to offer both original and graphic jewelry. The result? Jewelry lines that mix metals and porcelain or glass, right angles and curves, polished metal and softer, more fanciful shades.

Amélie Riech was born in Berlin but spent much of her childhood in Paris visiting museums and exhibitions with her parents. She developed her creativity and studied architecture. However, she found the subject too mathematical and decided to switch to fashion design. Her both graphic and original creations quickly found their audience. In addition to her own lines, Amélie Riech also designs for other brands. She created collections for Paco Rabanne and Christofle as well as perfume bottles for other designers.   


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