Jewelry Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani jewlery


Like the other accessories of the brand, Giorgio Armani jewels are sophisticated and delicate. It is obvious when one knows their importance to the Italian fashion designer: "Accessories are becoming increasingly more important," he explained a few years ago. "They have the potential to transform an outfit and women love the idea of having a versatile wardrobe. For example, a good piece of jewellery can turn a simple look into a stylish outfit”. Therefore, Giorgio Armani jewellery is chic and aims to complete the look, for a harmonious result.


Giorgio Armani accessories and jewelry


Chic in silver or gold-plated steel, Giorgio Armani jewellery is sometimes embelished with pearls, stones or zircons. Their best feature? Their size, sometimes exaggerated, makes them eye-catching piece. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets in various shapes and sizes are at the heart of the Giorgio Armani jewellery collections, perfect for highlighting all outfits. Also see the selection of Giorgio Armani bags on the MONNIER Frères websites.