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Ever since he took over the reins of the Loewe brand in 2013, Jonathan Anderson keeps on doing wonders for the Spanish label. In addition to its ready-to-wear collections and accessories, the Irish designer is also notorious for his jewellery designs. Simple and elegant, Loewe jewellery mixes shapes and materials for a maximalist look. Some pieces are chic, other Loewe jewellery pieces carry a touch of humour, like brooches or necklaces reminiscent of mythological figures or more recently, the famous Lollipops.


Loewe accessories and jewellery


Brooches, necklaces, earrings and even bracelets, Loewe jewellery models are varied. And while some pieces represent well-known symbols such as flowers or animals, others tend more towards the abstract, offering a tangle of geometric shapes. Also discover the selections of Loewe bags and Loewe shoes on the MONNIER Frères website.

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