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The Marc Jacobs brand no longer needs to be presented. Founded by the iconic couturier in 1984, the New York brand is still synonymous with irreverent style. And for good reason. According to the American couturier, fashion is, above all, a means of expressing ones singularity and individuality, an idea that is clearly visible in all of his collections. And Marc Jacobs jewellery is no exception to the rule. Chic and elegant or totally psychedelic, Marc Jacobs jewellery tends to charm different women, allowing each one to find the pieces that suit them best.


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There are the iconic and there are the little fantasies of the season. The models of Marc Jacobs jewellery are as diverse as varied, ranging from mono-earrings and collectible charm brooches to bracelets decorated with the brand’s logo through to more minimalist pieces decorated with simple stones. Also discover the selections of Marc Jacobs bags on the MONNIER Frères website.

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