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Burberry shoes perfectly embody the distinguished British look, dear to the brand. With or without the iconic Check print, sneakers, boots, sandals and pumps are available in seasonal colours. Casual or sophisticated, the Burberry shoe accompanies all outfits and brings an English touch, mixing elegance and simplicity. The Hodgeson espadrilles, in the house check print are available in many colours and are very feminine, giving you a minimalist and chic look for every outfit. The Salmond sneakers also dressed with the Burberry monogram, succeed with mixing a relaxed style with elegance.


Burberry shoe models


Classy or more casual, Burberry shoes play on different styles. The Rastrickson wedge sandals are decorated with the signature Burberry Tartan on the wedge heel. They complete the silhouette, and can be worn to the office as well as in the evening. Besides Burberry shoes, there are accessories from the same brand as well as Burberry bags.


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