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The Bulla Siler Sandal by Nodaleto

If we had to define bold, daring fashion, we would simply say “Nodaleto”. Founded by Julia Toledano and Olivier Leone, this young luxury shoe brand has (very) quickly made its mark with its hybrid vision of fashion, mixing the exuberance of curves with the resolutely feminine minimalism of cuts and finishes.


Their trademark? Sculptural block heels straight out of the 70s, when the Bee Gees got John Travolta up on his feet to a certain "Saturday Night Fever". This now-iconic heel can be found on the new Bulla Siler sandals, a key piece for the Spring/Summer 2020 season.


The Bulla Siler sandals are a chance for us all to take the lead, without worrying about making a wrong move. Resolutely edgy and bang on trend, not to mention comfortable, they are here to make a statement, with their metallic finish and criss-cross straps, which - thanks to their jewel clasp – very delicately show who is boss.


One thing's for sure, with these on your feet, the fever won't wait until Saturday night.




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