The Organic Chic

What if we decided to take a little break? A much-needed time-out from the opinions and demands of the world, a moment to reconnect with our (almost maternal) roots? When it comes to the designers - who are always so adept at anticipating our thoughts - one thing's for sure: they know it's time for a break. Say hello the Organic Chic trend, reflecting our pressing desire for more natural style and a growing need for simplicity. And isn’t it refreshing to finally see more authentic models, unretouched photos and barely made-up fashion icons in the pages of our favourite magazines? This changing standard reflects a growing need for reassuring familiarity. It's about recognising the elegance of the simple, chic shapes that we all grew up with. Indulge in the pleasure of rediscovering them, through couture-style textured fabrics, remarkably dense canvases that manage to stay ever so light.


At Hunting Season, Organic Chic is expressed in the form of a very feminine classic, carried in the hand like an envelope clutch, with each piece reinterpreted in a natural weave enhanced with a dark leather trim. In the same spirit of contrasting canvas and leather, but for a more day-to-day feel, the taupe canvas Cushion Tote at Loewe will delight lovers of roomy shopping bags, while Balmain affixes its faded logo onto a dark green untreated mineral canvas, giving the B Buzz 23 the rock chic twist it needs. There’s yet another take on the trend at Burberry, where two-tone canvas and topstitched leather are causing a sensation on exquisitely stylish pieces, inspired by the archives of the brand.