The Organic Chic

What if we decided to take a little break? A much-needed time-out from the opinions and demands of the world, a moment to reconnect with our (almost maternal) roots? When it comes to the designers - who are always so adept at anticipating our thoughts - one thing's for sure: they know it's time for a break. Say hello the Organic Chic trend, reflecting our pressing desire for more natural style and a growing need for simplicity. And isn’t it refreshing to finally see more authentic models, unretouched photos and barely made-up fashion icons in the pages of our favourite magazines? This changing standard reflects a growing need for reassuring familiarity. It's about recognising the elegance of the simple, chic shapes that we all grew up with. Indulge in the pleasure of rediscovering them, through couture-style textured fabrics, remarkably dense canvases that manage to stay ever so light.


At Hunting Season, Organic Chic is expressed in the form of a very feminine classic, carried in the hand like an envelope clutch, with each piece reinterpreted in a natural weave enhanced with a dark leather trim. In the same spirit of contrasting canvas and leather, but for a more day-to-day feel, the taupe canvas Cushion Tote at Loewe will delight lovers of roomy shopping bags, while Balmain affixes its faded logo onto a dark green untreated mineral canvas, giving the B Buzz 23 the rock chic twist it needs. There’s yet another take on the trend at Burberry, where two-tone canvas and topstitched leather are causing a sensation on exquisitely stylish pieces, inspired by the archives of the brand.

Hermès, Spring/Summer 2020

With a slightly younger take on the classic Bowie look, we have fallen once again for the timeless charm of bucket bags, with their flexible shapes and generous volumes, also spotted at Isabel Marant, though far more colourful, and at Elleme, in a two or three-colour version. Legend has it that the iconic bucket bag was invented in 1932 by the Louis Vuitton label, which wanted to make carrying a bottle of champagne easier and more elegant. A chic carrying solution for an organic elixir!


At Kitsuné, the generous volume and lightness of the untreated canvas they use promises a summer full of new encounters and spontaneous weekends. The spacious fox-head tote bag, the monogrammed backpack, and the studded tote and maxi tote bag are all expected to find their way onto our arms or even in the basket of our bike, en route for… summer!


The natural world and its ever-so-dense beauty are back where they belong. And, honestly, we love it.




Loewe, Spring/Summer 2020
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