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It is safe to say that these sunglasses are simply a must-have. The Aviator style by Ray-Ban, with its golden frame and origins dating back to the military, has since been adopted by many celebrities. Don't miss out on this pair that has taken the world by storm!

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Collection Ray-Ban


This Fall-Winter 2017 season Ray Ban revisited their greatest classics like Aviators and Wayfarers for contemporary models that are very up to date. The models are innovative, in iconic recognizable shapes of the brand. The 2015 summer collection is worked with colours, reviving the fifties in brown tortoiseshell and vintage blue! The new Ray Ban sunglasses are a must-have: do not spend the summer without reviving your classics!


Sunglasses Ray-Ban was created in the 19th century by John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb. John Jacob Bausch, a young German optician, visits the United States where he found that the glasses were extremely expensive. He teamed up with Henry Lomb to create trendy models at a price defying any competition. Success will come rapidly. They then diversify in the development of telescopes and binoculars. The U.S. military asked the duo to create special glasses that can protect from infrared and ultraviolet, for the pilots of the U.S. Air Force. The Aviators were born this way. The first models designed by the duo, the Aviators and the Wayfarer, are still extremely popular today. Other models are emerging today, as the legendary Clubmaster. Ray Ban since 1999 belongs to the Italian company Luxottica.


The story of Ray-Ban began in 1937 when Bausch & Lomb creates the brand. The Aviators are chosen to be the official eyewear of the U.S. Air Force. These glasses with their innovative technology allow pilots to be protected from light crippling in high altitude. Indeed, the legendary green lenses provide protection against ultraviolet and infrared. In 1952, Ray-Ban launched another flagship models: the Wayfarer. It is still the best selling model of the brand. The Hollywood movies helped to make of this brand a real must-have. From James Dean, to Mick Jagger, to Audrey Hepburn, to The Blues Brothers, to Tom Cruise in Top Gun and the agents in Men in Black, all swear by Ray-Ban! It's a real consecration! Ray-Ban invites themselves in movies, on the red carpet or in previews! We see this brand everywhere! Today, Ray-Ban is THE accessory for any self-respecting fashionistas! Ray-Ban has produced several reissues of his cult models to satisfy the insatiable appetite of fashion passionate. The Ray-Ban has now become a cult object that goes with the term luxury. Ray-Ban plays of that luxury reputation. The brand has launched the Caravan model, limited edition in white or yellow plated gold in 20,000 copies. Since July 2008, Ray-Ban offers on his website a virtual mirror. With this application users can directly try on glasses with their webcam, without moving home. Ray-Ban is the best-selling brand of sunglasses in the world. It represents the “must” in sunglasses.