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Jérôme Dreyfuss bags combine practicality and elegance resulting in a timeless look. Refined, light and soft, they have become an absolute must with Parisiennes everywhere. Each Jérôme Dreyfuss bag has its own boy’s name like the cult classic, the Bobi. Next in line are Billy, Igor, Albert, Victor, Nestor… all star pieces. The materials used are of the highest quality: leather, sheepskin, goatskin, reptile… and make the bags so easy to live with. A tote or shoulder bag from Jérôme Dreyfuss will take you through the day and into the evening. Natural shades and attention to detail being key, Jérôme Dreyfuss bags will simply become a part of your day.


Jérôme Dreyfuss Bags and accessories


Roomy shapes and new additions: detachable pockets, key-rings, little torches, multiple crossbody straps… Practicality is key with a Jérôme Dreyfuss bag. Check out the other accessories available from Jérôme Dreyfuss like the range of great wallets.


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