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Self-taught designer, Vanessa Bruno launched her iconic brand in 1996 with a desire to transgress the everyday, mixing a modern folk spirit with the electrical energy of punk. Feminine and casual, easy to combine on a daily basis, Vanessa Bruno canvas bags have impressed women of all ages and have become iconic. With varied materials, embroidery and eyelets that bring a chic look, Vanessa Bruno bags impress with their timeless style, sophisticated details and unusual colours. Like the Charly and Eclipse bags, the different Vanessa Bruno bag collections are elegant and feminine.


Vanessa Bruno bags and accessories


The tote bags are adored by students while the Vanessa Bruno shoulder bags can be found over the arms of Parisian fashionistas. The iconic Vanessa Bruno canvas bag, which is behind the success of the brand, reinvents itself in a more generous size, equipped with a zip closure. Always as practical and elegant, it can carry your essentials in style. Presented in neutral, powdered shades, these bags are perfect for creating an urban style. In addition to the famous Vanessa Bruno bags, discover the other bags of the brand, such as the gym bag or the Baby size.


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