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The 2018 Spring-Summer collection from Anton Heunis is rich in flowers and full of colour. The programme includes colourful flowers with petals that dance delicately down the neck for a Spring-like, romantic feel. The designer, as always, uses precious stones and pearls, on both abstract and figurative pieces, all imbued with an undeniable elegance.  


Anton Heunis moved to Madrid to launch his eponymous brand. He had already worked with brands like Roberto Cavalli and Emmanuel Ungaro, where he gained the experience and the urge to create his own pieces, to his own design.

His aesthetic is referred to as “modern vintage”, and the South African jewellery designer has made a name for himself with his Swarovski crystal-incrusted, highly colourful pieces. In 2016, Anton Heunis further developed his brand by adding a line of handbags.


Anton Heunis discovered his passion for jewellery in South Africa, his home country, inspired by the treasures he found in his grandmother’s dressing table drawer. He hesitated before finally deciding to go to University in Stellenbosch, where he studied fine arts. He then moved to Munich to study for his masters before heading on to London where he began his career as a jewellery designer. In 2004, he moved to Madrid to launch his eponymous brand.


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