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The 2018 Spring-Summer collection from Camille Enrico goes over familiar terrain from the designer as it includes her unique, embroidered pieces. From a base that has small holes, she inserts little coloured threads for a colourful, textured finish. To this she adds some semi-precious stones that add even more cachet to these original pieces of jewellery. A new must-have.


In 2013, after a long trip that took her from the Philippines to Burma via Bali and Brazil, Camille Enrico launches her own jewellery brand. She took inspiration from the different cultures that she had experienced on her travels and the Parisian jewellery designer came up with the idea of creating pieces with little holes that she embroidered after dipping them in a bath of gold.

 A specialist in high-end costume jewellery, Camille Enrico’s creations are unique, made in France and recognisable in an instant.


Camille Enrico has a degree in fashion design and a masters in Fashion product development from the Ecole Supérieure de l’Industrie du Vêtement, and she started her career in fashion at Tara Jarmon, as a buyer then as a designer. After five years, she gave up everything to head off to Bali, the first stop in a journey that took her all over Asia and to South America. In 2013, back in France, she didn’t feel like working for someone else and decided to found her own jewellery brand. The start was difficult in technical terms because her concept was extremely precise, but success came quickly. In 2014, she worked with Sézane, then designed a hat for Big Aristote in 2015 and a ready-to-wear capsule collection for Caroll in 2016.


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