Dorateymur Dorateymur


Saying Dora Teymur, the mule-loving founder of the Dorateymur label, is at the summit of his success is an understatement. For the Fall/Winter 2018 season, the Turkish designer has once again refreshed the slide shoe along with a few pairs of well-imagined boots for the occasion (and for the cold winter days). His signature: chunky heel and square toe, two details that help him differentiate and make him one of the most iconic designers in the industry.


Dora Teymur launched his shoe label, Dorateymur, in 2012 during his second year at Cordwainers at the London College of Fashion. In love with mules, that he chose to revisit at each one of his exams, he rapidly created his own unique identity, which has made him one of the young designers to follow.


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