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The Eric Bompard Fall/Winter 2018 collection features sober colors and warm accessories. As usual, the Parisian house offers accessories designed for a cozy winter, wrapped up in their creations. Capes, ponchos, stoles and cashmere scarves, there is one for every style.


The Eric Bompard adventure began by chance. In the early 80s Eric Bompard managed the French subsidiary of the Sinclair computer brand. During a trip to Beijing he found some cashmere on a market. He then came up with the idea of founding a brand to democratize this luxury fabric. How? By producing sweaters in China. He then partnered up with Wang Linxiang, manufacturer and exporter managing a factory in the Gobi Desert. In 1983, the Eric Bompard company, specialized in cashmere, was launched. In 1985, they opened a first shop in Neuilly-sur-Seine, where their first three designs were available in three sizes and three different colors. Progressively, the company diversified its offer and decided, in 2004, as suggested by Lorraine de Gournay, Eric Bompard’s daughter who joined the company the same year, to start selling on the internet. The brand now offers gloves, hats, ponchos, plaids and cashmere ties, made with various knits and stitches, sometimes invented by the label. Since its creation, the brand has offered no less than 4,000 different colors. 


Quality is the main motto of the Eric Bompard label. Since his debuts in the 80s, the former brand director had only one objective: make cashmere sweaters and accessories affordable without compromising on quality. More than thirty years later, he met and even exceeded his objective as the label is now focusing on creating more fashionable pieces with original cuts.


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