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The 2018 Spring-Summer collection from Feidt includes all of the elements and pieces that have made the brand such a success in recent years. The medallions that hang off rings, bracelets and necklaces are still as popular, as are the semi-precious stones that add a touch of colour to these gold pieces. We simply can’t live without them. 


Feidt is the story of two sisters from Nice who decided to make precious pieces of jewellery to be worn every day. Their first piece is a pendant that represents the tree of life, a symbol of life’s strength and roots. It was an immediate success and meant they could open their concept store in St Tropez that continued to spread the word. The piece travelled and ended up in a New York store where it was bought by Michelle Obama who then wore it on a talk-show.


The two sisters who founded the jewellery brand Feidt have a Muslim mother and a Catholic father and blend religion and a certain art de vivre in their designs. Their little reworked medallions are still selling well after a 2013 launch and are inspired by the Laghet sanctuary.

Feidt’s designs are made from pink, yellow or white 18 carat gold, decorated with little diamonds and semi-precious stones. The brand recently launched Feidt Nine, a more affordable line featuring the most iconic pieces in a 9-carat gold version. 


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