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Jacquie Aiche launched her first finger bracelets back in 2008, a hybrid piece where a ring is attached to the bracelet by a thin chain that runs over the back of the hand. They were an immediate success and the American designer was encouraged to launch her eponymous brand. The DNA of the Jacquie Aiche brand is immediately recognisable: Pieces made from 14 carat gold decorated with various stones. Her faves include the turquoise, with which she has been working since the very beginning, but also the tourmaline, that she loves for its changing, unique effect.

Celebrity fans are legion and her work is hugely popular with style mavens worldwide, Jacquie Aiche has also launched a number of collaborations, with the website For Love and Lemons and with the twins Samaand Haya Khadri.

Jacquie Aiche jewellery is handmade in Los Angeles.


Jacquie Aiche was born in California to an Egyptian father and an Amerindian mother and started out her career as a buyer for a store. She grew tired of never being able to find jewellery she liked, so she started making her own, blending American Indian and Middle-Eastern influences in her designs. Success came quickly and she soon gave up her job to run her own brand full time. Ten years later, Jacquie Aiche is a world-famous jewellery designer, with fans that include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski.


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