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Laura Lombardi

Eponymous jewellery brand Laura Lombardi was founded in 2010, offering accessory collections designed and manufactured in New York. Laura is Italian-American, and takes her inspiration not only from architecture and art, but from the environment that formed the backdrop to her childhood. Her signature pieces include chain necklaces, intricate link bracelets and her handmade earrings, mainly fashioned from recycled raw materials for sustainable and responsible style. Expect bold and confident pieces where the chunky format contrasts with the intricate design.


Born to an Italian father and an American mother, Laura Lombardi started sketching and sculpting at a very young age, before studying art at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the School of Visual Arts in New York. After working in a jewellery store, she began to incorporate crystals and necklaces into her sculptures, developing a passion that would drive her to launch her own jewellery line in 2010. In no time at all, magazines like Vogue Italia, Vogue UK and ELLE spotted this upcoming talent, quickly bringing her international renown.


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