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The 2019 Spring-Summer season is a great time to revise your classics. This season, the Manastir sisters, the design duo behind the Manu Atelier brand are giving a new lease of life to the label with some brand-new pieces. The star of the Turkish brand’s reboot has to be the Cylindre, a duffle-inspired bag that says classic with an edge. Support is provided by the Square bucket bag, and a gorgeous round clutch that will have them lining up around the block. But early adopters can rest assured, the Pristine, Demi and Fernweh are still around, and in a range of great new shades. Taking reinvention to the next level.


From an early age, the two sisters, Beste and Merve Manastir, have been immersed in craftsmanship and leatherwork. In 2014, the duo launched their own brand, Manu Atelier. Along with their father, a craftsman based in Istanbul since 1976, the two sisters design fashion accessories that combine modern cuts with ancestral skills. The result is a collection of hand-cut bags that are as elegant as original and functional.


Unlike their father who began his apprenticeship at the age of 11, Beste and Merve Manastir chose to take the time to diversify before founding their brand Manu Atelier in 2014. The two sisters from Istanbul, who were eager to work with leather, first worked in the press and in PR to broaden their knowledge of the fashion industry.


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