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Saskia Diez

In 2007, Saskia Diez, the German jewellery designer decided to launch her own-name brand. She based her business in Munich, and her ultra-minimalist vision was immediately successful abroad, taking a little longer at home. Her designs are now available in many countries around the world and she often collaborates with other companies such as the porcelain manufacturer 2016/ and the ready-to-wear brand Filippa K. She has branched out from jewellery, to create a perfume and a line of nail polish.


Saskia Diez trained as a watchmaker and studied industrial design before her career as a jewellery designer got a boost when she took part in the “Women and Sport” competition organised by Volvo in 2006. She designed the Diamonds bracelets that were to serve as the basis for the launch of her eponymous brand in 2007 and for the brand’s logo.


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