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Sébastien Joffrey Monfort


For his Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection, Sébastien Joffrey Monfort remains true to his sleek aesthetic. Composed of interlaces, rounded shapes intertwining with right angles, his creations are as refined as they are graphic. The collection illustrates all aspects of the French designer’s talent: the Athena, Croisé bracelets and the Suprem necklace reflect a sense of infinity while the Love earrings reveal a flowing simplicity.


Sébastien Joffrey Monfort founded his eponymous, luxury jewelry brand in 2014. His favorite materials are gold and silver that he likes to mold by hand to obtain a rougher finishing. His creations are architectural pieces that wind around fingers, wrists or necks and add a metallic sheen to ears. Sébastien Joffrey Monfort’s jewelry is always elegant but never simplistic. He draws his inspiration from urban landscape pieces that he reimagines, transforming familiar objects into exceptional pieces of art.

Sébastien Joffrey Monfort was born in the French region of Lorraine. He first aimed to become an actor but his love for jewelry, specifically metal jewelry, led him to the BJOP Jewelry School. He then perfected his skills working with Christian Astuguevieille during six years before launching his own label in 2014.

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