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The Boccaccio II Boot, By Rombaut

Apparently high-top trainers were originally created for basketball players worried about the risk of ankle twists. Now, thanks to Rombaut they're not only beneficial to our health, but also our style. Available in 100% vegan white leather, the Boccacio Boots II (in a tribute to a famous Belgian nightclub from the 80s) give our footprint the assurance of an all-terrain feel and display the unique combination of a powerful combat boot and an extravagant sneaker. With its notched sole, high-top lacing and technical panels, the details on this hybrid unisex trainer-boot bring a cutting-edge futuristic look.


And Mats Rombaut, the Belgian designer behind the eponymous eco-friendly label is not exactly new to the scene. In fact, since 2013 the creator has been making very limited editions of handcrafted unisex sneakers in avant-garde and brutalist designs. Here, leather and wool are replaced with pineapple fibre, tree bark and even coconut fibre for the perfect balance between ethical action and minimalist aesthetics. At Rombaut, vegan is the new cool.




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